Affordable Talent Solutions for Louisiana Small Business and Start-ups

Do you believe your small business can't afford professional recruiting services to retain top talent? Have you utilized recruiting services but felt you should have advertised on your own after reviewing the talent presented? Do you desire a face to face initial consultation with your talent consultant? Do you believe high-touch on-site facillitation of only three to four pre-screened and vetted finalist candidates adds instant value and dramatically reduces time to hire? Do you want your talent consultant present during the interview process?
The Talent  Consultants offers a hybrid recruiting solution for Louisiana small businesses and start-ups that conjoins the high-touch services of a retained search with the some of the flexibility of contingency search. In this manner we efficiently showcase talent that represents a cross-section of the market for the position you seek to fill. We add value and transparency by utilizing an hourly consulting rate that will vary depending on the complexity and level of the search.
Our talent consultants will be you every step of the way from initial consultation to onboarding. We work with you to craft meaningful job descriptions and define the core competancies you are seeking in your next hire. Most importantly during the intial client discovery process, our talent consultants  will gain a sense of your organizational  culture and be able to communicate your company's ethos to interested parties. We take the time to thoroughly understand your business.
The evening before the interview enagement, you will receive a dossier containing the agenda, biographies, and resumes of the pre-selected final candidates. Your talent consultant will facillitate the day's successive interviews and help you think through the merits of each candidate. Should you chose to select a candidate from the pool, we will assist you with offer negotiation and guide both candidate and client through until onboarding.
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